23 March 2021



23 March 2021

Rory Truell

IFSW Africa

‘The Western Models don’t work here’: George Mansaray talks about the Social Work Response to COVID-19

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In an online interview with Rory Truell, George Mansaray, President of the Sierra Leone Association of Social Workers explains how social workers in Sierra Leone are responding to the COVID-19 crisis. In the world’s 5th poorest county Mr Mansaray highlights the need for rural communities to build on their strengths and to develop their own responses that eliminate the virus and build social and economic capacity.

Mr Mansaray explains the challenges at all levels including that the Western approaches that don’t work for the local population. Following the interview, Rory Truell said ‘George is an outstanding social work leader and is creating a pathway and approach that world can learn from in the fight against COVID-19 in contexts of subsistence poverty and the absence of state social protection’.

23 March 2021

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23 Mar 2021



23 March 2021

Rory Truell

George Mansaray

This event has now expired.

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