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2 November 2021



2 November 2021

Neil Thompson

Neil Thompson: Introduction to How to Survive in Social Work

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This event has now expired

With over 40 years' experience in the helping professions, Neil is now involved in helping individuals and organizations to maximize their learning and effectiveness, with a specific emphasis on leadership, workplace problem solving and communication.

Neil focuses on promoting positive, effective workplaces by empowering people to tackle such problems as stress, bullying, conflict, trauma and developing workplaces where people are valued, supported and helped to flourish and achieve their best and where communication works well to the benefit of all.

Neil's 30+ years of helping people learn and making sure that individuals develop their people skills to the full and that organizations are as effective as possible in getting their people issues right. He also uses his expertise in effective communication as Vice President of Vigoroom UK, an extensive wellness platform geared towards promoting health, well-being and productivity.

Neil was responsible for setting up the humansolutions website which provides information about workplace and community-based problems (see the link below). Neil was also formerly a Professor at Liverpool Hope University (where he was the Director of the Institute for Applied Social Sciences) and is currently a Visiting Professor in the School of Health, Wellbeing and Social Care at the Open University.

2 November 2021

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2 Nov 2021



2 November 2021

Neil Thompson

Vice-president of Vigoroom UK, an employee wellness platform.


This event has now expired.

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