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30 March 2023



30 March 2023

David Niven

Social Work Podcast

Social Work Podcast: Follow the Money Fight Slavery

About this event

This event has now expired

Christopher is a seasoned security professional with background and experience operating in austere overseas environments and permissive environments. Christopher brings with him knowledge and experience employing intelligence to sharpen training and operational success, team building, leadership, and management skills.
Christopher is also skilled in Operations and As Sr. Operations manager for ATII has been involved in most every aspect of day-to-day operations and included in Strategic decision making.

The links for resources we offer and events we are putting on: Training
Resources Events upcoming April Annual Summit and Child Safety Symposium, June Darkwebathon is an opportunity for those in the space of Cryptocurrency to engage in tracing possible criminal behavior using Cryptocurrency and provide that intelligence to law enforcement using Blockchain analytics tools.

30 March 2023

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30 Mar 2023



30 March 2023

David Niven

This event has now expired.

Admission into this online event is free.

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