29 November 2021



29 November 2021

David Niven

Social World Podcast

Social World Podcast: Social Work in China

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David Niven invites Professor Johnston Hong-Chung Wong to discuss social work in mainland China and Hong Kong as well as an organisation he co-founded —Social Workers Across Borders.

Johnston Wong, Professor in Social Work and Social Administration, started his career as a youth worker in Hong Kong. His early academic interests focused on youth and family work, branching out to psychological stress, unemployment and industrial social work. In Hong Kong he participated in various district and central government committees related to youth policies, education, social care and hospital governance. Since 2005 he was involved in many post disasters social work interventions and become the non-executive director of the Social Workers Across Borders. www.swab.org.hk In 2006 he joined UIC as a Faculty member and helped to design the Service Learning Scheme and Emotional Intelligence Programs as parts of Whole Person Education. Later he was appointed as the Chief of Student Affairs. He taught many courses like Social Work and Chinese Laws, Disaster and Emergency Management, Healthcare Social Work, Social Group Work and Crisis Interventions.

Social Workers Without Borders is a post-disaster humanitarian care organization, currently working in Greater China, especially the Mainland, and is committed to providing spiritual reconstruction and development of social work projects for post-disaster residents. Regardless of politics, race, religion or nationality, we are mainly professional social workers, uphold the belief that love knows no borders, provide professional voluntary services, and provide emotional and mental health support and spiritual reconstruction services for families and individuals in disasters or difficulties.

Quote from Social Workers Across Borders www.swab.org.hk who specialise in disaster management in China.

“On December 26, 2004, there was a terrifying tsunami in South Asia. This natural disaster strongly shook the hearts of everyone on the planet. As a social worker, besides giving financial support, can I do one more step? We hope to provide professional social work services locally. Therefore, a group of aspiring social workers immediately formed “Social Workers Accross Borders”. On January 6, 2005, five social workers and one teacher were dispatched to shoulder the mission of “Social Workers Across Borders”. Local victims in need provide professional services and convey our care. After a year of service and hard work, we became a registered tax-exempt charity on February 2, 2006.”

As early as 22 January, SWSA Professor and Chief Student Affairs Officer, Prof Johnston Hong-Chung Wong, proposed that social workers take actions in a WeChat article of the Social Workers Across Borders account.

29 November 2021

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29 Nov 2021



29 November 2021

David Niven

This event has now expired.

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