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Your practice improvement journey, from ASYE to management development

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Join Leanne Taylor (NAAS AND Curriculum Lead), Rob Kinahan ( Advanced Educator) and Rob Tyrrell (Principal Social Worker) at a Live Webinar where they will exploring the purpose and impacts of the Gloucestershire Children’s Social Work Academy.

They will introduce the ideas that led to the development of the Academy within context of our practice improvement journey, and discuss how Gloucestershire County Council curriculum and practitioner involvement aims to focus on directly influencing positive outcomes for children and families.

They will share details of our ASYE programme and how this connects to Gloucestershire County Council wider curriculum and the CPD opportunities developed via the Academy – Essentials for practice, NAAS and Manager development programmes.

They are looking forward to sharing our story about being part of a learning organisation, and welcome questions (and answers) at the end of the webinar.

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Rob Tyrrell

Principal Social Worker

Gloucestershire County Council

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