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How can you reach your audience with Social Work Today?

Social Work Today is a new and effective method of communicating with the social work community. It has been developed to give professionals a sector-specific platform that creates the networks and links to provide social work information from across the UK.

This online community will be a positive platform for social work professionals to keep you up to date with news, features, research and recruitment campaigns.

Recruit social workers through our jobs board

Our jobs board allows flexible solutions for successful recruitment by offering a number of different areas to showcase the council and job role, allowing each advertiser to stand out.


We offer Job of the Week and Featured Jobs allowing the advertiser to reach a wider audience as these are placed on different pages of the website and on our daily e-shot. All Job of the Week advertisements will automatically be featured on every eShot.


As an advertiser you will get your own separate jobs page which allows you to use your job advertisement to support your brand through uploading other documents, online events and informal chats.

Advertise – Online Events

Communicate your message through Online Events

Our online events section is an area for each advertiser to host live webinars, pre-recorded webinars or even interviews and informal chats showcasing sector knowledge.


Visitors can ether register for an event or have immediate access. Our aim is to help advertisers showcase their practice values by hosting events and allowing users to be involved online. It allows users to gain a deeper knowledge of the advertiser in a relaxed environment.

Highlight your brand with premium positions

Our premium banner is the most prominent advertising space on the site as it appears at the top of every page on the site. The homepage banner is a box advertisement on our homepage attracting our users to click and be linked straight to your jobs on our website.


Every day we will be sending out a daily eShot which will contain a round-up of the latest news, jobs and online events happening that week. Our Email Banner is the most prominent advertising space on the eShot, it appears top of every email bulletin that week.


Using our different advertising spots will increase your target audience by reaching Social Work Today’s online community.

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Directly reach your target audience every day

Our daily email bulletins are sent directly to over 20,000 subscribers five days a week and supply our users with the latest news, jobs and online events. They provide organisations with a platform to directly reach target audiences through prominent advertising spaces.


Our Premium Email Banner appears top of every email bulletin over the course of the week and offers advertisers the opportunity to reach our users through the most prominent position on the eShot.


All Email Banner advertisements can work in tandem with our website promotion opportunities to form an overall campaign that delivers results, with all Job of the Week advertisements featured on every eShot, as well as any relevant upcoming Online Events bookings and interview opportunities.

What will we do?

We will work with you every step of the way to make sure that your recruitment or marketing solutions are being met. Our content team are on hand ready to create some innovative advertising material to be used on our site. Whilst our marketing team are ready to promote what you have to offer on all four of our social media platforms. We are excited to come up with different ways we can allow advertisers to stand out within our Social Work Today Community.


If you are interested in advertising on Social Work Today please contact us at We are able to tailor packages to suit your recruitment or marketing needs. Get in touch today to talk to our friendly team.

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What's new today:

Supporting social work students with additional needs during their placement

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