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The COMPASS Jobs Fairs in Birmingham and London and The Social Work Show in Manchester are the UK’s largest social work recruitment events offering invaluable CPD opportunities. 

COMPASS events are designed for organisations and individuals to network with like-minded people within the sector. Social workers and social work students can attend these events for free, with access to an extensive conference programme as part of each event, providing exclusive training and insight to update their CPD, and opportunities to enhance their career progression.

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Social Work Today is the media partner for the International Federation of Social Workers.


We provide news coverage and updates on the IFSW’s global online conferences, including last year’s in-person conference in Prague: A social Europe is possible where no one is left behind!


This international conference brought together individuals and communities, to inspire, share and learn practices and policies to help change Europe.


The International Federation of Social Workers is the worldwide body for professional social work. It comprises over 140 professional social work associations and representing over 3 million social workers. IFSW has formal consultative status with the United Nations and other global bodies.


Social Work Today is the official media partner for the IFSW, sharing news, interviews, research and resources plus relevant events with the Social Work Today audience of professional social workers across the world. 

What's new today:

Supporting social work students with additional needs during their placement

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