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13 October 2021



13 October 2021

Jo Carlowe

The Association for Child Adolescent Mental Health

Mental Wellbeing in Schools, and the Global Mental Health Crisis

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This event has now expired

In this podcast, we talk to Lauren Cross, a Research Assistant with CHARM, which stands for Child and Adolescent Resilience and Mental Health at the University of Cambridge.

We hear about Lauren’s work as a research assistant with CHARM, plus her research on mental health and wellbeing in schools and inequalities during childhood and adolescence.

Lauren also discusses her co-authored CAMH debate paper, ‘Is there a true global children and young people’s mental health crisis, fact or fiction?’ (, including her concerns regarding particular groups being missed from research, and elaborates more about the lack of data on the impact of COVID and young people’s wellbeing.

Furthermore, Lauren talks about the fact that COVID-19 has magnified health, educational and social inequalities and what policymakers, and mental health professionals who work with young people, can take from the paper.

13 October 2021

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13 Oct 2021



13 October 2021

Jo Carlowe

Jo Carlowe is a freelance journalist with a specialism in psychology.

This event has now expired.

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