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13 February 2024

Online event : 13th - 15th February


13 February 2024

Social Work Today

Social Work Today

National NQSW Conference: Launch Your Social Work Career

About this event

This event has now expired

The NQSW Online conference hosted by the team at Social Work Today offers NQSWs and employers the perfect opportunity to engage with each other, share knowledge and advice, and promote vacancies.

This presents the perfect chance for social work students and NQSWs to listen to what Local Authorities in both Children’s and Adults services have to offer in their NQSW programmes and get a head start in applying for places.

By signing up to a provide a session, employers actively involved in recruiting NQSWs can promote their organisations and positions.

Employers can apply to us at Social Work Today to secure an online session as part of this conference and let out team take care of registrations, timetabling and promotion on all platforms for this event.

NQSWs and Social Work students can register for free with us for as many sessions as you want to attend and make the most of what we have to offer.

13 February
10am -Completing your ASYE with confidence
12pm -Why choose the Ealing Social Work Academy ASYE
3pm - Daring to do it differently: Engaging and supporting NQSWs.
4pm - An interview with an ASYE: Real life stories.
7pm - Navigating Beyond Doubt: A New Social Worker's Guide to Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

14 February
10am - From novice to confident practitioner: Our unique academy model.
12pm - The importance of implementing restorative practices : A career of choice in children and family social work.
1.30pm - Skills-Tools-Support: Coventry’s Social Work Academy for Newly Qualified Social Workers
3pm - Confident and Creative: NQSWs and Direct Work with Children
4:30pm - National NQSW Conference: Empowering your next steps as an NQSW: A Decade of ASYE Success
7pm - Work for Wakefield: Aspire to Inspire

15 February
10am - The benefits of a second supported year for a NQSW.
1:30pm - Why Relational Restorative Practice matters in social work
3pm - Your AYSE journey across two years: What to expect.
7pm - Social Work in Wales: How practice differs as an ASYE

Find out more about previous conferences, this event and how to sign up for free at

Conference Timetable

13 February 2024

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13 Feb 2024

Online event : 13th - 15th February


13 February 2024

Social Work Today


Social Work Today

This event has now expired.

Admission into this online event is free.

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