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Dr Andrew Reeves

Charlie Waller

Podcast: Men and mental health

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This event has now expired

Growing attention is now being placed on the importance of positive mental health amongst men and boys: eyes have been opened to the need to break down stigmas and change the narrative for males in today’s society.

In this insightful interview, Dr Andrew Reeves, a passionate advocate for male mental health, senior lecturer in counselling and psychotherapy, and former Director of our Colleges and Universities programme, looks at the need to support and build strong male mental health.

Andrew explains the reasons why it can be hard for men to ask for help, how men and boys often wait until reaching ‘crisis point’ before seeking support, and the ways in which mental health support services can be catered towards male audiences to achieve positive results.

We hope you can find the time to listen to this incredibly insightful interview. If not, we’ve summarised the key parts below for you.

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Dr Andrew Reeves

Former Director of Charlie Waller Colleges and Universities programme

Charlier Waller

This event has now expired.

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