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20 January 2023



20 January 2023

Dr. Scott Hoye & Kyle Miller

The Psychology Talk Podcast

Preventing Human Trafficking & Slavery with David Niven

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This event has now expired

On this episode of the Psychology Talk Podcast Dr. Hoye’s guest is David Niven. David is a social worker who has held positions for many years in safeguarding children, working with many agencies including Interpol. He was the national Chair of the British Association of Social Workers. David runs the Social World Podcast. He is based in the United Kingdom.

In this episode we discuss
•David’s work in stopping human trafficking and slavery
•His podcast which is dedicated in part to this subject
•The state of social work in the UK
•The media and social perceptions of social work and social workers
•Differences in those perception in the US vs the UK
•David’s other passion, poetry, and his other podcast, Bard Window

20 January 2023

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20 Jan 2023



20 January 2023

Dr. Scott Hoye & Kyle Miller

This event has now expired.

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