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26 April 2021



26 April 2021



Go get that job: ASYE Social Worker Interview tips

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This event has now expired

If you are a final year student who has just recently graduated, the first thing you need to do is register with Social Work England. Once registered you can start applying for jobs. Learn where to apply, what type of jobs to apply for and how to launch your career. Another tip from the Sisterhood girls is to apply for jobs whilst in your final placement and always look for jobs within the council you are doing your placement with.

26 April 2021

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26 Apr 2021



26 April 2021


Minnie, Sino

This event has now expired.

Admission into this online event is free.

Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Social Worker Level 1

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£28,407 - £34,581

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Mental Health Practitioner

Young Lives vs Cancer

Social Worker

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Supporting social work students with additional needs during their placement

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