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25 March 2021



25 March 2021

Lindsay Cundall

DG Legal

Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery: Overview of Best Practice for Legal Aid Immigration & Public Law Practitioners

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This event has now expired

In this free webinar, Lindsay Cundall of Anti-Trafficking and Labour Exploitation Unit (ATLEU) covers trafficking / modern slavery law and policy, and ways to overcome the obstacles practitioners may face during a case, including immigration appeals where trafficking grounds are considered and judicial reviews.

The training focuses on how to represent a potential victim of trafficking and / or modern slavery on a legal aid contract in a way achieves justice for your client but is also financially viable for your practice.

Lindsay is an immigration solicitor and public law supervisor, and a training lead in ATLEU’s Sheffield office. She qualified under the Law Society’s Immigration & Asylum Accreditation Scheme (IAAS) in 2010. Lindsay qualified as a solicitor with Wilson Solicitors LLP; her training was based in the immigration and public law departments. Lindsay previously worked at Refugee and Migrant Justice, Brighton Housing Trust and the UNHCR.

She has extensive experience of representing survivors of trafficking and slavery, particularly in complex judicial review claims, representing those detained in immigration detention or going through the criminal justice process.

She is a contributor to Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery: Law and Practice. Lindsay works closely with support workers and legal advisors across the country, providing training and support to develop their knowledge and understanding of the rights and entitlements of survivors of trafficking and slavery.

25 March 2021

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25 Mar 2021



25 March 2021

Lindsay Cundall

Immigration solicitor and public law supervisor


This event has now expired.

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