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The Youth in Care Chronicles: Voices from Former Youth in Care

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This webinar will focus on the implications for social workers to positively and actively impact the lives of youth in system care.

The Youth in Care Chronicles is about the lived experiences of former youth in care, now as resilient adults, who want their voices to be heard. Youth in care are often represented in poorer health outcomes, homelessness, suicide, trafficking, and poorer educational outcomes. However, the narratives included in this book from 18 former youth in care provide a fresh look at moving beyond growing up in the child welfare system. The Youth in Care Chronicles shares experiences of pain and trauma faced by those in the child welfare system yet and towards the future with boundless hope and resilience.

A critical element of this book is a learning guide co-written by the editorial team which includes social workers, a child and youth care worker, a social work professor, a writer, and key messages from former youth in care themselves.

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Child Welfare Lead of Canada

This event has now expired.

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